Glycine is a non essential amino acid required for manufacturing structural proteins in body like cartilage, bone, skin, nails etc. Glycine is usually present in ample quantity in non vegetarian foods such as meat, poultry, eggs, dairy but also present in small quantity in beans. Usually if we eat non vegetarian foods we get roughly 2-3 gm of glycine per day but few studies have shown that we require larger amount of glycine, close to 5-6 gm per day to support various functions associated with Glycine so supplementing with 2-3 gm per day is recommended for non vegetarians while 5-6 gm for vegetarians. Glycine primarily support these 5 systems in body as mentioned below.

  1. Neurological Support – Glycine along with taurine improves sleep quality and quantity by production of important inhibitory neurotransmitter in brain called as GABA. GABA calms down our nervous system, reducing the anxiety and nervousness. Glycine also improves memory and cognition by reducing oxidative stress which is responsible for cell damage or death in brain. Out also improves capillary circulation in brain areas by dilating blood vessels. It also brain mental and physical fatigue by increasing ATP production, the energy molecules required by brain and muscle tissue.
  2. Metabolic Support – Glycine helps to reduce HBA1C levels in diabetes type 2 patients along with improving insulin sensitivity thereby improve glucose disposal. It also helps curb alcohol and sugar craving. Glycine is needed to manufacture bile acids & digestive enzymes which aids in digestion and assimilation of nutrients from the intestine.
  3. Gut Support – Glycine prevents ulcers and also helps for in repairing and replacing the damaged intestinal lining. Glycine in combination with Proline required for production of collagen and gelatin which are important integral structural proteins of out GUT lining. Collagen protein also helps people with suffering from various foods sensitivities or allergies. It also support digestion process by acting as a precursor to bile acids and digestive enzymes.
  4. Musculoskeletal Support – Since Glycine in combination with Proline is needed for manufacturing collagen and gelation, it helps to repair and rebuild structural protein such as cartilage, ligament and tendons found in and around joints thereby helping people with osteoarthritis. Collagen is an essential component of skin so Glycine also prevent premature skin ageing, damage and wrinkling. It prevents age related muscle and preserve muscle mass during strenuous physical activity by repairing and replacing structural proteins and components. It is also believed to stimulate growth hormone production in athletes. Glycine is needed for synthesis of ATP which is energy molecule for muscle and brain tissues.
  5. Immune Support – Glycine acts as a precursor for Glutathione production. Glutathione is natural antioxidant produced indigenously by every cell in body. It is abundantly present in muscle tissues and liver where there is high demand of anti oxidants to neutralise free radicals and for detoxification purpose. Glycine also prevents alcohol related liver damage and helps curb alcohol craving and addiction.

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