One of the Best and probably the only Strength Coach cum Nutritionist (Functional Medicine) that I have come across who has an answer to every question I asked. It is really rare these days to meet someone as passionate and committed as Prashant  towards his work. My association with him is going to be one forever.
Prince  Cecil (actor), Hyderabad

“I met him in 2006 and since then I am connected to him for any advice be it fitness related or health related, he has answer to every question with  facts and figures. I have seen him constantly upgrading himself while guiding me and my whole family. We have him as a  trusted resource for all of mine and my family health or fitness related issues. I have huge respect for him. Talk to him just once or consult him once you yourself will come to know him. He has helped me lose weight and improve my health many times”
Manav Chopra, Delhi






I have yet to come across a person from the medical field like Dr Prashant who has such a penchant for educating himself and keeping himself abreast of new ways to cure his patients. Not only does he make you understand logically the issues with your disease, but also keeps at you till he doesn’t satisfyingly cure you. I am a Punjabi by birth and food habits, and yet he has helped me overcome one of my major health concerns.
Not only is he a “GUT GENIE” but also a very concerned person about his patients. Easily becomes an integral part of your life style modification.
I have never been taken on a better road to recovery and overcome fears that were so debilitating at times. God Bless him with more powers to Heal.
Deepaq Modgil, Mumbai






Dr Prashant has in depth knowledge about how the body functions & for providing solution go to the root cause supported by scientific tests / date rather than traditionally suppressing of problem with allopathic medicines. I was suffering with chronic gut issues and sinusitis and he helped me resolving those issues from the root cause which were not treated by conventional medicinal system. He has in depth knowledge about food, nutrition, training and supplementation. All the best Dr. Prashant
Lokesh Suri, Singapore






In 2015, I read about functional medicine and it’s use to treat auto-immune ailments. Having been diagnosed with one myself and having experienced the inability of the allopathic medicine in dealing with them, I was curious to know more about it and started looking out for one such practitioner. It’s then that I found out Dr. Prashant Wadhawan. And what a find he has been!
I went to consult him soon after and was impressed with his approach right way. He was very professional in his conduct and extremely thorough with his domain knowledge. He advised me with a diet routine and other lifestyle tips in order to treat the health condition in a very natural & holistic manner. Over a period of time, the results started showing and I actually could feel the recovery happening inside me. He continued with his mentoring and counselling to make the required changes along the way. Today, I am leading a very healthy lifestyle and enjoying good health, a large part of the credit for which goes to Dr. Prashant! I plan to continue seeking his guidance in the future as well. He is your go-to man for almost any health issue that you could be facing!
Nishant Jain, Noida UP







I cannot rave enough about my Doctor, my nutritionist, my health guru “Dr Prashant Wadhawan”. I started my personal training with him about 2 years back. My weight has been creeping upward over the years then I also had several issues with my knees, gut, nails, acne to mention few. Even after visiting big doctors in the city, I failed to understand the cause for these symptoms. The doctors pushed on a medicine plan for early arthritis which I just couldn’t believe. It’s then when I got in touch with Prashant Sir. He just got few test done, read through each and every symptoms of my body and then started working on my core. He gave me functional medicine, diet plan and exercise routine which worked very well for me.  The professionalism I received, the knowledge he shared and his thoroughness were nothing short of extraordinary. He has helped in achieving goals and sustaining the fitness in long run. I have seen a lot of improvement in my overall Heath (physical& mental). My energy levels are up, I have lost weight ( back to my normal self) and now I can say what is healthy and clean eating/living actually is. I still am in touch with him to make constant progress & seeing more results.Lastly, I am in good shape & good health and would like to attribute Prashant Sir for being a constant part of my well being.
Rupal Chopra, Delhi

Dr Prashant is a one of a kind Functional Medicine Expert and a qualified nutritionist. I was amazed at the understanding that Dr Prashant provided me in my first session. I have founded him extremely knowledgeable about nutrition and anything to do with health. In past 10 years I had gone through few surgeries which required me to lose weight for which I tried many different ways and failed badly. With Dr Prashant ‘s program I learned how to bring life style modification by understanding the food I eat and how my body responds to them like I never knew that coffee is giving me acidity and I was having antacids on and off for so many years. I was able to quit coffee and eradicate the acidity forever. With his motivation, I stopped thinking too much about weight loss and indulged into healthier lifestyle which has not only helped me to lose weight but made my life stress free. My energy level has also dramatically increased and I feel great! The way Dr Prashant helped me to develop a relationship with my food I highly recommend his name to those in need.
Dr. Ruby Rahul, Gurgaon

I am associated with Dr prashant Wadhawan from past 5 years and seen loads of changes in me. Being an athlete and a bodybuilder I have won MR. Delhi 2016 and have seen tremendous changes in my body with the help and pure guidance of sir. Dr Prashant sir had also helped me getting my constipation problem cured and building more muscle. I was 95 kg with 12% body fat and have gone to 80 kg with 6% body fat now With the guidance and through online trading programs and schedules. Now sir being one of best is training me naturally through his online programs to make me more flexible and gain more strong muscle by his cross-fitness techniques and helping me grow more stronger
Thank you sir
Manit Singh Sachdev
Manit Singh, Delhi






It’s been fab experience following functional medicine nutrition plan by Dr Prashant , his extensive knowledge of body functions and natural ways to cure them are amazing . This 4 month simple to follow program helped me in losing 8-10 kgs and  getting off from all my BP and uric acid  medications which i was taking on regularly basis. Even now after 1 year all my reports are ok and I strongly recommend him if you really want to get rid of any ailments, lose weight and be fit at same time. I have already referred many of my friends to him and everybody has got the same results .
Vijay Thukral, Delhi
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