L-Glutamine is non essential amino acid but it can be categorised as Conditionally essential amino acid which means under certain conditions such as injuries, stress and inflammation the utilisation is greater than the normal. Under normal circumstances body manufacture enough Glutamine but in conditions mentioned above supplementation is a good choice for faster recovery and repair. It is the most abundant amino acid with skeletal muscles storing more than 60% of total stores. The muscles, liver, kidneys and small intestine uses most of glutamine to function optimally. The L-Glutamine supplement has various benefits when combined with balance diet and an exercise program.

  1. Gastro-intestinal Health – The digestive tract particularly small intestine uses the L-glutamine stores for various structural and cellular functions. Glutamine is required for repair of intestinal lining and act as fuel for gut related immune cells. It has been effective in leaky gut syndrome by lowering the inflammation and repairing the intestinal wall. It also helps in ulcers by stopping further progression and helps in healing process. As leaky gut is connected to food sensitivities and autoimmune disorders so L-glutamine proves to be beneficial in these conditions as well. It also lower the inflammation and supports healthy immune response associated with hyperactivity immune T cells in case of autoimmune diseases.
  2. Anti-Catabolic – Glutamine acts as a Nitrogen retention amino acid by preventing loss of Branched Chain Amino Acids due to micro injuries and inflammation during strenuous workouts or physical activity. It has been observed that the athletes or people engage in rigorous strength training are more prone to loss of glutamine and supplementing with L-glutamine helps to repair the damage muscles and recover much faster acting as an Anti catabolic agent. Loss of glutamine in athletes compromise their immune system making them more prone to infections and ill health. Glutamine increases or preserve lean muscle mass, helps to recover faster from workout, increases muscle strength when combined with BCAA’s and creatine.
  3. Immune Support – Glutamine is essential for gut related immune system as it is required for manufacturing T, B lymphocytes and neutrophils. Thats the reason why immunity drops when someone who do repeatedly strenuous workouts are prone to low immunity when combined with low protein intake. Therefore it is wise to supplement with L-glutamine to support immune system and hence is also useful in autoimmune disorders.
  4. Sugar Control – L-glutamine helps to lower the insulin levels and stabilise the blood sugar levels in obese patients which are trying to shed fat. L-glutamine combined with exercise program helps to preserve lean muscle while losing body fat at same time by improving insulin sensitivity. It also helps to curb the carb craving during calorie restriction diet for weight loss.
  5. Wound Healing – L-glutamine can be beneficial from people recovering from surgeries because it often deplete glutamine stores in muscles. It also helps to recover faster from physical injuries and burns because the tissue surrounding the injury use glutamine faster. The diet rich in glutamine containing foods helps in faster recovering from injuries, wounds and burns.

Dosage: It is best to increase the amount of foods containing glutamine. Glutamine is mainly contained in mostly non vegetarian foods and in few vegetables like cabbage, spinach, asparagus or you can supplement when training strenuously or trying to gain or retain muscle mass, faster recovery or during athletic training. For Gut healing purpose the dose is usually 5-15g per day in divided doses. Though L-glutamine is quite unstable in water and there is a different form of L-Alanyl L-glutamine which is more stable in water.


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