A famous saying from Charles Poliquin about carbs is ” You need to Earn Your Carbs”. 
Carbs are source of energy and they get converted in glucose in digestive tract and used for energy production in cells. So what’s wrong about this…nothing until your cells respond to Insulin signal and allows sugar to enter into cells.
But what if the cells doesn’t listen to insulin signal or there is excess of glucose available in blood in comparison to utilisation. Glucose is utilised primarily for brain functioning and during muscular movements. 
But what if you are not physically active , have a sitting job or not exercsing enough. The excess of blood sugar levels can cause damage to system or organs and chronically elevated. Body respond to this excess of sugar by either converting them into glycogen to be stored in liver or muscles.
But what if the the stores are already full? Then body respond by forming triglycerides. Higher levels of triglycerides are sign of insulin resistance which means the body is not able to utilised excess of glucose due to impaired insulin signal or you have chronically elevated blood sugar levels. 

Signs of insulin resistance is when you have high Triglycerides levels in tests or high fasting sugar levels. 
Other symptoms include feeling sleepy after high carb meal or sweet craving immediately after meals. Physical symptoms include dark skin rings around neck, excessive dark and rough skin on ankles or elbows.
If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then it’s time to think about your quantity or quality of carbs consumption.  
Certain nutrient deficiencies can also lead to this kind of condition. Nutrients are required for optimal utilisation of glucose and insulin signalling.

This can be corrected with the help of Food and Supplements. 
Interested to know more and want to discuss about any of these symptoms, directly message me. 


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