Eating According to the Seasons

Eating seasonally keeps us attenuated to Earth, its elements and cycles of nature. It is important to eat seasonally for the reason that the nature provides us right kind of foods & fuel needed to protect us from the climate.

There are four main seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter

Spring – It is considered a period of purification, cleansing, healing & rejuvenation. Fasting and detoxification can be carried out during this season. Nature produces more green coloured chlorophyll rich foods which are essential part of any detoxification program. Cirques fruits are abundant in this season and can be eaten to boost the immunity & for rejuvenation. The diet should contain less of hard to digest protein & fats during this season. Sprouted seeds and beans can be added to meet protein requirement of your daily needs.

Summer – It is time of Activity & Growth. The summer diet should be light with addition of fruit and vegetables containing high water, mineral and salt content like melons, coconut water & raw salads like cucumbers. Heya meals should be avoided during the day and should be kept to cooler part of day.

Autumn – It relates to the shift of Energy, Climate & Diet. The autumn diet should largely consists of grains, legumes, seeds, nuts and tuberous vegetables cooked thoroughly.

Winter – Winter dietrequires more warming foods like nuts, seeds, protein and fats. The diary products can be consumed during this period but there is high chances of gaining weight weigh excess calories during this season. Protein in the form of meats & bone broths are excellent along with herbs and spices help us to keep out body warm and metabolic rate high. Root vegetables can also be eaten during this season.


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