Leptin and Weight Management

Leptin is a hormone produced primarily by fat cells and secondarily by various tissues and organs like kidney, salivary glands and stomach. Optimal fat percentage is directly correlated to healthy levels of leptin levels. Higher the fat percentage higher will be leptin levels. Leptin is a satiety hormone which sends signal to brain to stop eating if body have enough of calories or fat stored. Healthy levels of leptin levels are associated with positive health benefits while excessively high levels can lead to various health issues.



Healthy leptin levels provide

  • protection against anxiety and depression

  • improves brain function

  • maintains optimal body fat stores by proper signalling to brain

  • improves or maintain optimal insulin sensitivity

  • promote fertility and bone health


Excessive High levels of leptin can cause

  • strong inflammatory response and increase creative reactive protein (an important inflammatory marker), reason why obese patients have unexplained higher crp levels

  • anxiety by stimulating sympathetic nervous system

  • chronic fatigue syndrome ( that’s why obese people feel more tired and fatigue)

  • increased food sensitivities, allergic reactions and lower immunity  response

  • higher risk of cardio vascular disease by promoting fibrinogen production, an important blood clotting factor

Leptin Resistance is caused by either improper leptin signalling or leptin receptor insensitivity. Leptin receptors are located through out the body especially in brain (hypothalamus)

Ways to fix Leptin Resistance

  1. Correcting Circadian rhythm means waking up early in morning, exposing yourself to sunlight, having 3 meals, eating last meal before 8pm and sleeping minimum 2 hours post last meal, low carb meals, high protein breakfast

  2. Sauna and healthy uninterrupted sleep

  3. Lowering Inflammation caused by food sensitivities, any kind of bacterial, fungal, parasitic or viral infection or leaky gut. In nut shell optimise your gut

  4. Exercise, any aerobic and resistance training

  5. Lower your stress levels, yoga meditation of self awareness techniques

  6. Stop sugar and minimum use of saturated fats (limited to 10% of total fat consumption). Organic ghee is best

  7. Cold showers and room temperatures of 18-20 degree while sleeping




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