Myths and Facts about Protein Powders: Part 1

There is lot of hype and confusion about ‘Protein Supplementation’ among the people who are trying to build muscle, lose fat or maintain health. Lots of questions came up when it comes to choosing the protein supplementation:

  • Which Brand to trust?

  • Which kind of protein is best: whey concentrate, isolate, pea protein?

  • How much to take?

  • When to take? 

  1. Choosing the Brand – There are hundreds of brands available in market with fancy packaging and attractive convincing labels. The protein companies spend hundreds of dollars to design the packaging and labelling and when on shelves, layman is compelled to buy the products with the most attractive labelling. The people who are educated enough to read the labels buy only products after reading the label. I advise everyone to read ingredients and other ingredients list very carefully while selecting the product rather than just focusing on protein content and percentage. People are more focused on 0% fat but they don’t know that having 1-2 g of fat in a serving is not going to make the product bad but sugar can. Look for any artificial flavours, additives, type of artificial sweeteners etc. Here is example of two labels from Indian brand which I will never recommend and I will tell you the reason why?



First label – Note that it contains synthetic food colours and artificial flavours which are detrimental to health in long run and should be avoided with people with sensitive gut or skin issues or immunity issues. It can cause many people to use washroom just after having this kind of protein

Second label – It again contains nature identical flavours which means artificial flavours. It contains skimmed milk powder which can cause gas, bloating or diarrhoea to lactose intolerant people. Polydextrose has been added to show the fibre content in the product but it can also cause diarrhoea, gas and bloating and if taken in large quantities can cause severe gastrointestinal problems.

A clean and safe product’s label will look like this 



See this that they have added coconut sugar plus there is natural vanilla flavour without any skimmed milk added to it though it is a whey concentrate protein. The companies add milk powder to reduce the production cost. The products with best ingredients cost high but it is worth paying the price for good product because you are going to use this product to improve your health. So Choosing the product is of utmost importance by reading the label completely rather than just focusing on amount of protein per serving and fat percentage.

If you cant afford the best product its best to avoid and look for further alternatives like pea protein which can be cheap substitute for Whey. Again in that case read the label carefully.

Now a days Grass fed wheys are also available which contains natural flavours and sweeteners  like stevia or monk fruit which are more safe than sucralose. Sucralose is not as bad as Aspartame or acesulfame. The other ingredients except the protein is also a cost deciding factor for any product.

Continued in Part 2……



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