Inflammation: A Reason for Most Common Diseases

Inflammation is a protective mechanism used by the body to heal from any internal or external injuries Or for the removal of pathogens entering into the body through various routes. Inflammation is important for our survival otherwise we will succumbed to injuries and infections.

Causes of Inflammation

  • Direct injuries like cuts, accidents or trauma
  • Pathogens like bacteria, virus or fungi 
  • Heavy Metals, chemicals, smoking & alcohol 
  • Antibodies produced by body in response to sensitive or allergic foods 

Acute vs Chronic Inflammation 

Acute inflammation is important for survival to recover from injuries and to protect us from various pathogenic microbes. When we are injured or attacked by pathogens our body our immune system brings the necessary nutrients, hormones and immune cells like neutrophils, lymphocytes & eosinophils at the site of injury or site of attack to neutralise those pathogens or to start healing the injured site by increasing the temperature, swelling and pain to restrict any further damage.

If body is not capable of handling the injury there and then at first step Or if there is consistent damage of system through antigens like sensitive foods, heavy metals, smoke, alcohol the inflammatory process becomes chronic and body keeps doing it silently without even you knowing it by producing more antibodies to that antigens. There is excess production of cytokines, protein and other pro inflammatory proteins during Chronic Inflammation which then ultimately haphazardly attacks its own system to organs in our body. The kind of organ or system is attacks gives it the name such as

  • Heart – myocarditis 
  • Eyes – uveitis 
  • Nose – rhinitis 
  • Kidneys – nephritis 
  • Joints – arthritis 
  • Bones – osteoarthritis 
  • Appendix – appendicitis 

The Chronic Inflammation is the Root Cause of All Autoimmune Diseases 

Food as a source of Inflammation 

  • Processed Foods/High sugar foods & drinks increases the risk of inflammation 
  • Trans fatty acids are found to be pro inflammatory 
  • Excess Saturated fats are also believe to be pro inflammatory 
  • Omega 6 fatty acids found in refined vegetable oils can increase inflammation 

How to Control or Reduce Inflammation?

There are many foods, nutrients, herbs and supplements which are known to reduce inflammation. Reducing the inflammation by use of supplements and other nutrients will be like putting a bandaid over an open cut. The Goal should be towards finding the Root cause of Inflammation. 

The reasons can be one or many but we should be equipped to find the underlying cause of any Inflammatory cascade going on in the body. It can be microbes, sensitive or allergic foods, trans fats, high sugar, smoking or even lack of sleep. 

Nutrients/Foods to reduce Inflammation 

  • All extreme colour foods contains phytonutrients and antioxidants which helps to reduce inflammation like broccoli, tomatoes, pomegranate, bell peppers, spinach, berries etc 
  • Herbs like turmeric, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, rosemary, oregano  
  • Supplements like resveratrol, green tea, vitamin C, curcumin, boswellia 

2 thoughts on “Inflammation: A Reason for Most Common Diseases

  1. Hello, I’m Melina.
    I’ve just come across your Instagram page.
    It’s interesting and I’m wondering whether it would be poss to ask your help.
    I’m 54 yrs old and for the past year I’ve been suffering from joint pain , hands and feet.
    I’ve had loads of exams done.
    But with no results.Doctors call it
    So, therefore I’m always at the same standing point…
    Not knowing the cause of this problem and what it is I have. (Arthritis or Osteoarthritis) or something else..!!!
    I do not want to take Immune suppressors, cortisone and antinflamatory pills.
    Because I don’t know exactly what I have.
    I would like to investigate the cause first and help my self with natural medicine, herbs and food.
    But I cannot find anyone to help me.
    I’m asking your help or if you can indicate me to someone professional that could help me resolve this problem of mine, in Italy or London, or if you can help me on line.
    Thank you .
    Melina Cani


    1. Hello yes I can surely help you with that. Kindly email me at for further communication. I usually do Online consultations only.


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