5 Things I Love About CROSSFIT

  1. Overall Fitness
  2. No Boredom
  3. Body Composition
  4. Motivation and self confidence
  5. Faster results

Overall Fitness – Crossfit covers all 10 Fitness domains and the workout is planned usually around these domains covering all aspects from time to time either in workout or during the course of time. You will improve in all of these domain gradually. It is unlike the bodybuilding which usually focus on developing strength and muscle mass. The carryover effects of Crossfit can be felt in daily chores and even to various sports. Nowadays various Sport Strength and Conditioning coaches include Crossfit workouts to improve certain aspects of fitness as per sports requirement. It is total conditioning program and you start feeling strong and functional to any task related to sports or any day to day tasks.

  1. Cardio-Respiratory Endurance
  2. Strength
  3. Flexibility
  4. Power
  5. Speed
  6. Agility
  7. Balance
  8. Coordination
  9. Stamina
  10. Accuracy

No Boredom – You will never get bored with the training when it comes to Crossfit because it has endless variation and combinations. You never have to repeat the same workout and they use different modalities and equipments to make it more interesting. You are not restricted to just barbells, dumbbells or machines.

Body Composition – I haven’t seen drastic body composition changes in any kind of training except Crossfit. Crossfit doesn’t include training any body part in isolation. Our body works in a synchronised fashion with larger muscles used to generate force and smaller muscle assist to stabilise the body or body parts while completing any muscular task. It usually involves compound movements like deadlift, pull ups, squats, kettlebells etc know to increase greater amount of muscle mass important to increase testosterone levels and combining those movement together with minimal rest increases EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption). Body wants to be in state of equilibrium (homeostasis) but when this equilibrium is disturbed such as micro trauma to muscle, shortness of oxygen, increased respiration Body tries to bring it to equilibrium and spends huge amount of calories and increases metabolic process to recover from that state of imbalance. The increased EPOC and greater load of bigger muscles are prerequisite for greater fat loss and increased muscle mass if combined with right kind of diet. Crossfit includes Functional Hypertrophy which has been liked to greater functionality, improved strength and stamina with carryover effect to any sports or day to day task.

Motivation and Self confidence – I liked this quality of Crossfit because when you are training in group it gives you adrenaline rush and keep you highly motivated to accomplish the task. I have seen drastic change in motivation and increase in self confidence in people whom I have recommend Crossfit. Self confidence came from smaller accomplishment you make on day to day basis during the workout like completing 100 kettlebell swings, or doing 50 pushups. Eventually you start feeling functionally strong and greater cardiovascular and respiratory fitness with which you able to complete any events or situation which require any of this fitness domain. Like you able to trek easily, run after or push a car etc. This creates self confidence and you are motivated to accomplish more.

Faster Results – CrossFit gives you fastest results possible in shortest amount of time possible. You may not be best in everything but better at everything, be it strength, endurance, flexibility or any of the 10 fitness domains. Apart from improvements in these 10 domains there will be greater fat loss and increased muscle mass when combined with correct Nutrition.

Advice: You must have heard about higher injury rates in Crossfit. You can avoid injuries if you follow certain strength and conditioning principles such as correct form and technique, developing basic strength in basic compound lifts, progressively increasing weights, resting enough between workouts for optimal recovery, nutritional support, progressively changing exercise from basic to more complex like plyometrics and olympic lifts. If you are a beginner get trainers under Qualified Crossfit trainers who is well versed with Strength and Conditioning guidelines. Jumping straight to more complex exercises will definitely lead to injury. Repetitive injuries like shoulder and knee injuries are common in Crossfit due to instability and lack of mobility of joints and supportive muscles. Best way is include warm u and mobility drills prior to workout and corrective exercise techniques post workout or on off days to correct any muscular imbalances if any.


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