Why Most Women Fail To Lose Weight?

Losing weight is not all about calories manipulation by reducing intake, dropping the calories especially fat and increasing output by engaging in long workouts with cardiovascular exercise.

There can be multiple underlying causes which can impede Fat loss especially in women.

1) TOXIC OVERLOAD: Environmental toxins like phthalates, dioxins, PCB’s, BPA and glyphosate acts or mimic like estrogen in body and are known as Xenoestrogens. They are present in plastics, cosmetics, home products like shampoos, soaps and sanitisers, non organic meats and dairy products also. They have high affinity for estrogen receptors and lead to excess fat storage around hips and thighs. Best way to reduce toxic overload is to reduce exposure and support detoxification pathways by using chlorella, magnesium, B vitamins, amino acids specially glutamine, glycine and taurine.

2) INEFFICIENT DETOXIFICATION PATHWAYS: Liver helps to metabolise estrogen. Estrogen is metabolised by three pathways called C2, C4 and C16, out of which C2 is the safest and healthiest option. C2 pathway can be promoted by improving gut function and providing then essential nutrients or cofactors like B vitamins especially folate, B12, B6 & amino acids etc. We can support the liver C2 pathway by having more cruciferous vegetables and phytoestrogens in our diet from flaxseed, sesame seeds, legumes and leafy vegetables.

3) INTESTINAL DYSBIOSIS: Women with excess estrogen are found have some kind of gastro intestinal issues related to overgrowth of unhealthy flora. The unhealthy bacteria contains an enzyme called beta glucouronidase which prevents the estrogen metabolites from attaching to glucouronic acid needed by estrogen in intestine to get excreted. Excess B-glucouronidase activity is responsible for higher free estrogen levels which then renters the circulation leading to estrogen burden in body. We can correct the same  by adding probiotics, fibre and lignin to the diet.

4) DYSGLYCEMIA: It refers to inability of body to stabilise sugar levels. Eating highly processed foods, sugar products, refined carbs, trans fatty acids, less protein, less fibre & untimely meals lead to unstable sugar levels in body. High sugar levels increase aromatase activity which convert testosterone into estrogen in men and women. Excess sugar levels also cause body to release more inflammatory proteins known as cytokines which in turn activate C4 and C16 pathways for estrogen metabolism. Adding more fibre, increasing protein intake along with nutrients like chromium, cinnamon, omega 3 fatty acids and fenugreek to your diet helps you to have more stabilised sugar levels throughout the day. 5-6 small meals are frequent intervals rather then 3 big meals are better to manage your blood

5) EXCESS CARDIO: Females should concentrate more on strength training rather than the cardio which is quite opposite among females thinking that they might lose more fat. As they have biologically less muscle mass in comparison to men so they should give serious thought to weight training for increased muscle mass for better glucose utilisation and higher BMR. I have seen 90% of female clients in gyms are told to do 80% of their workout time devoted to some sort of endurance training by their trainers.

6) STRESS: Overweight married women with kids with high family responsibilities, job and other stressors are more probe to stress and sleep issues. These are factors increases stress hormone called Cortisol. High levels of cortisol due to stress, low protein and low fat diet and excessive cardiovascular exercise add fuel to fire by increasing cortisol levels hindering fat loss.

Tips for Faster and efficient Fat Loss 

  • Reduce toxin exposure (detox if possible under guidance)

  • Increase protein intake (moderate and mainly vegetarian sources)

  • Increase healthy fat intake (specially Omega 3 and GLA)

  • Reduce workout time (Limit to 60-75 mins)

  • Cut out fancy exercise and stick to compound lifts (GBC kind of training)

  • Reduce stress (adaptogenic herbs, calming teas & yoga)

  • Work on Sleep ( 8hours of uninterrupted sleep)

  • Eat intelligently & get some education about eating right

  • Laugh & breathe correctly (lowers sympathetic activity)

  • Track  & correct your Nutritional deficiencies, if any 

  • And Thanks to me 


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