Understanding AutoImmune Diseases


Autoimmune diseases are like a puzzle to conventional medicinal system because they are not trained to identify the underlying cause of any disease and their treatment is based on one symptom one pill. Lets try to understand the autoimmune disorder in a better way like what it is, reason and how functional medicine looks it in different way.

What is Autoimmune disease?

Our body has an immune system, which acts as a line of defence against pathogens, microbes, bacteria or viruses entering our system through various routes. It is like our internal army, which attacks the invaders and protects us. The Body produces Antibodies to deal with the toxins, allergen or infections and if somehow they are unable to neutralise these the antibodies load increases and haphazardly the immune system/antibodies starts attacking its own tissues like joints, glands and skin in the body and till now then it is known as Autoimmune Diseases. List of diseases range from Rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, uveitis, diabetes and almost 100’s of them are identified.

Reasons of Autoimmune Disease 

  • Stress (emotional and physical stress)

  • Hidden Gut or Systemic Infections (bacterial, viral, fungal or parasitic)

  • Food Allergies/Sensitivities (Gluten, milk or other food sensitivities)

  • Poor Lifestyle and Diet (disrupted sleep patterns and highly processed foods, sugar)

  • Toxic exposure (mold, heavy metals, plastics, radiation)

  • Genetic predisposition

  • Nutrient deficiencies

  • Leaky gut

Functional Medicine Approach to Autoimmune Disease 

  1. Finding the under lying cause of autoimmune condition 

  2. Removing any kind of chronic infectious agent 

  3. Removing any kind of food allergens through elimination diet

  4. Repairing the intestinal barrier and supporting digestive functions 

  5. Re-inoculating healthy microbes into the gastro intestinal tract

  6. Supporting the body’s immune system with nutritional supplements like vitamins and minerals essential for optimal functioning of the immune system 

  7. Suppressing the overactive immune system by balancing Th1 and Th2 response 

  8. Lifestyle modification such as yoga and meditation



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