Our Mission: A Healthy You…


Our Goal: We at RH+ are dedicated to helping you in achieving your fitness and wellness goals. We want you and your family to lead a healthy life.

Our Philosophy: The myriad of health problems plaguing the society has stemmed from the irregularities and weaknesses in the body’s physiological functions, brought out by poor nutrition. Through RH+ we aim to help you understand the tragic and unprecedented effects of modern eating habits. As dietary fads keep on alternating between foods high in carbohydrates and others high in protein and fat, one thing is obvious that there is no term such as perfect diet. At RH+ we believe in the idea of bio-individuality, which simply runs on the principle that each person has his or her own nutritional requirements. Our sheer objective is to help you find the right kind of wholesome food, which will enhance the body’s healing ability and restore complete health.

Our philosophy is built upon the foundation of three Rs – Repair, Restore and Revive. Initially we repair the integral systems of the body, which coordinate the functioning of various metabolic activities. Secondly we restore all the physiological functions of the body through immunomodulation, which is done via natural aids and restoration diet. In the final stage the body starts to show signs of amelioration, which further confirm that the human body has started to revive.


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  1. Hello, I am from Quebec Canada a wondering if your Clinique offers a 7 to 14 day stay. I am looking for a Clinique that will do the testing to help me find my root cause for cronique fatigue , cronique pain, sinus pain, headaches , brain fog and depression. I was diagnosed 20 yrs ago with irritable bowls syndrome (age 32) any hypothoidism 2 years later (age 34). I am now 51 soon to be 52 and now on sick leave since Jan 20 2017. Conventional med only want to prescribe pills( rhumatologiste: inflamatory, gen practionner: cymbalta and antibotics for sinuses ( yes my sinuses are inflamed but mucus is clear). And endocrinoloque: does not want to do blood test 3T3, reverse T3 or antibodies as at this point she believes if is not nessary as my thyroid disease is burnt and no longer functioning. (Dose .125 syntroid). Please also send me pricing. Thanks
    Lynn Belzile


    1. Dear we don’t have any stay option but I can consult you online


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