Ginger is underground stem of a plant known as Zingiber Officinale and thus known as Ginger root. It has been widely used throughout the world as culinary spice or condiment. The Ginger root has been know for its medicinal properties and its use has been mentioned in texts belonging to Chinese and Ayurvedic medicinal system to cure many health issues and prevention of common diseases. The active constituents in Ginger primarily have antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

The Health Benefits of Ginger can be obtained by daily consumption in various forms like powders, raw or in cap forms listed below.

  1. Anti fungal – Ginger has been used as an anti-fungal agent in various fungal infections related to mouth and skin yeast infections.
  2. Anti-inflammatory – ginger has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory activity due to which has been used to reduce pain ans swelling in joints. It also helps to reduce muscle soreness post exercise.
  3. Anti oxidant – Ginger has strong anti oxidant property because of excellent nutrient profile. It contains good amount of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin C and helps in reducing oxidative stress.
  4. Digestive Support – Ginger has proven anti emetic effects (reduces nausea and prevent motion sickness). It also aids in digestion by boosting acid secretion in stomach and release of digestive juices. Ginger in tea form act as carminative by reducing gas and bloating after meals.
  5. Anti bacterial – Ginger when taken with honey in juice form helps to reduce the threat soreness and phlegm production. It also acts as antitussive agent and helps decreases dry and mucus producing cough.

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