Yoga has its origin in India some 5000 years ago and a practice used to unite the inner consciousness to universal consciousness. Yoga is considered as a spiritual practice and not merely inclusion of the poses. There has been many surveys and studies which states that it overall improves the quality of life.

The Top 5 things that Yoga impact the most are mentioned below:

  1. Reduces Stress – In surveys People reported that continuous practice of Yoga helps them to destress and increase capability to deal with acute stress effectively on day to day basis. The yoga includes Postures, Breathing techniques and Meditation. The Breathing execises have proven in studies to inhibit sympathetic nervous system which is excitatory in nature while stimulates parasympathetic nervous system which induces more calmness. HRV (heart rate variability) is an indicator of mental health and nervous system. In a STUDY Yoga has been proved to be an alternative mode in reducing stress and anxiety. The most commonly used breathing exercises in yoga is known as Pranayama. The Yoga includes postures which are usually static in nature and elongates muscles by deep stretching. Stretching in itself helps to lower down cortisol levels. Pranayama teaches you diaphragmatic breathing which is the most natural and efficient way of breathing thereby improving oxygen supply to organs and tissues. It also helps control High blood pressure in stressed individuals.
  2. Improves Digestion – Breathing exercises and yoga postures improves digestion by stimulating Vagus nerve which is considered as GUT-BRAIN axis, a component of parasympathetic system. People under high stress are more prone to sluggish digestion and excretion. The Yoga helps improve digestion by increasing Vagal tone hence release of digestive juices and excretion by inducing peristaltic movements of large intestine. Yoga has also been proven in Studies to help people with IBS.
  3. Improves Overall Wellness – In a Study the Yoga has marked effect in improving overall wellness and reducing emotional distress in Cancer patients as an adjunct therapy under going cancer treatment. Yoga has been known to improve overall quality of life by improving emotional stability, physical fitness and tolerance to stress in a multidirectional way.
  4. Reduces Back & Joint pain – Yoga helps to reduce back pain by increasing mobility of spine and strengthening the back muscles. People in seating jobs are more prone to back issues due to weak gluteal muscles and shortened Psoas muscle which attaches spine to your thigh bone. Many Yoga postures along with breathing techniques strengthen core, back and gluteal muscles thereby relieving back pain. The Yoga also improves flexibility and joint range of motion. It also helps elongate muscles which gets stiffened with time due to posture imbalances. Pranayama increases oxygenated blood flow to joints thereby promoting healing. Yoga has been advised as lifestyle intervention in people suffering from Non specific Chronic Low back pain syndrome in Studies.
  5. Improves Brain Performance – Yoga has potential health benefits for brain health. The Pranayama increases blood flow to brain and has been used positively in patients with brain injury during recovery period as an additional therapy. In one of the Study Yoga has shown to improve memory and cognition in middle age adults. The inverted poses in Yoga like Headstand increases direct blood flow to brain & helps to improve memory, cognition, eye sight and attention span. The Mediation also improves sleeping patterns in individuals.

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