Cinnamon is one of the Most Popular Herb/Spice through out the world. It is know for its distinct taste and can blend almost into anything. You will found it everywhere whether its protein bars, coffees or in curries preparations. According to Ayurveda it is a heat generating spice and should be avoided in people with Pitta dominancy but it will help people with Kapha or Vatta dominancy. The cinnamon has been studied widely for his potential health benefits.

  1. Blood Sugar – Cinnamon has ben studied for its effect on lowering blood sugar levels. There are few studies which showed positive results for its effectiveness to lower blood sugar levels in Type II diabetes patients while few studies failed to show any effect or minimal effect on lowering blood sugar. It also has been shown to improve the Insulin sensitivity in humans. Dose of 1, 3 and 6 gm have been used in Study to assess its blood sugar lowering effect.
  2. Lipid – It has been shown in studies to lower Triglycerides, Total Cholesterol and LDL levels in Diabetic patients. In one study it also helps in lowering blood pressure in Diabetic patients. It has potent blood sugar lowering effect which indirectly impacts the lipid lowering effects and thus provide protection from any Cardiovascular events. It can be considered as aCardio protective agent.
  3. Antioxidant – Cinnamon comes with High ORAC value which is a parameter to assess one’s anti oxidant property. Cinnamon is among the TOP 10 ingredients with highest ORAC value. Due to its high anti oxidant capacity to neutralise free radicals it helps to reduce the inflammation in the body such as in arthritis or heart disease. Inflammation is the major concern in brain related disorders like Brain Fog, memory decline or Alzheimer. Cinnamon prevents decline in brain function by reducing the inflammation.
  4. Immunity – Cinnamon has potent Anti Bacterial, Anti Viral and Anti Fungal properties. In one study it has shown activity against Candida albicans, a common cause for most gut related issues and Autoimmune disorder. . It also prevents the overgrowth of candida and protect the body from bacterial or viral infection thereby boosting immunity.
  5. Digestion – According to Ayurveda it’s being a heat generating spice, it is used to stimulate digestion by improving acid and enzyme secretion in the digestive tract for optimal digestion. Food is better absorbed when some cinnamon is sprinkled or added to food while preparation.

Caution: Cinnamon being a hot spice when taken in large quantity can cause mouth ulcers, diarrhoea, breathing problems and toxic to liver. Use no more than 1-3 gm/day.

Quality: Ceylon cinnamon from Srilanka is best one to use and have potent health benefits as described above.


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