Children are the future of any country and region. The healthier the mother healthier will be the offspring. The parents can provide two basic needs for children; One being Health and other the Education. What parents can do to safeguard their children health?

  1. Reduce Radiation and Toxic Exposure – The EMF from wifi, cell tower, cell phones and other electrical components have negative impact of our children’s brain development and growth affecting the cognition and learning capabilities. The video games can make them stressed and hyperactive which will impact their digestion and appetite negatively. The blue light emitting from the phone and TV screens inhibits the release of melatonin which helps the body and mind to relax and prepare you for sleep. Blue light actually increases brain activity which we don’t require before a good night sleep. There are certain apps which can block blue lights from phone or laptop screens. You can switch of WIFI devices and put your phones on aeroplane mode while sleeping because the signals affect the sleeping patterns. Plastics are source of toxins in children through food containers, toys and household utensils. Try to avoid plastics as much as possible but if you want to, then choose BPA free plastics. Never give food in plastic containers. Avoid using plastics in microwave even if the plastic is microwave friendly.
  2. Cultivating Healthy Eating Habits – We should teach our children how to eat mindfully by avoiding any TV’s, I-pads or any kind of distraction while eating. In few civilisations people used to eat the food while sitting on the floor by crossing the legs (in yoga this pose is known as Sukhasana, (relax pose)which is considered optimal position to eat meals aiding in optimal digestion and relaxation. The body should be relaxed for optimal digestion with optimal flow of digestive juices and blood to digestive tract.
  3. Let them Get Dirty – Nowadays parents are over concerned about hygiene by not allowing the kids to play in dirt. Exposing to dirt while playing in grounds and open space in early age help children to acquire immunity. Low exposure of natural flora is essential for robust immunity for future health for children. Don’t over sanitise the kids with antibacterial soaps & hand washes. Regular soaps do their job perfectly for cleaning the hands and bathing.
  4. Spend some time in Kitchen – The best way to teach them about Nutrition is to spend some time in kitchen with them while you are cooking or preparing meals. Teach them about nutrition in small ways by introducing them to your cultural cooking techniques and food preparation. Thats why in India a decade ago it was compulsory for females in the house to learn cooking so that the techniques should be passed on to them in order to feed their family the way they have been fed. Cooking the food with love and with your own hands has impact on the health of family members. People used to eat with hands which energises the food and help in optimal digestion.
  5. Invest in their Health – I have seen many parents bragging about how well their kids operate the cell phone or iPad at a younger age. It is best to invest in their health rather than investing in gadgets for them at young age. Teach them about food and its impact on health in long term. This can be done when they saw you doing the things or follow the things what you preach for. Every parent have to be educated about nutrition and food. Read a book or get some classes about how to cook and eat healthy. The children will follow when they see you and not by dictating them about food.

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