Brain Fog: Reasons and Reversal

I am realising that lot of people suffers from Brain Fog nowadays and treating it with nootropics or medicines is like putting a bandage over an open wound.

What is Brain Fog?

Brain Fog is collective term for any of these symptoms mentioned below, it is not a disease rather a condition:

  • Confusion 

  • Lack of mental clarity  

  • Irritability 

  • Mental or physical fatigue 

  • Forgetfulness 

  • Lack of concentration & focus 

  • Distraction from any task or work 

  • Disorientation 

There can be various reasons for all the above conditions (Brain Fog)

  1. Physical or Mental Trauma – Any trauma such as injury to brain or emotional burn out due to mental stress can cause permanent changes in the brain area (limbic system)

  2. Gut Dysbiosis – Any infections like bacterial, viral or especially fungal infections like candida affect the brain functioning due to release of endotoxins and production of pro inflammatory cytokines. They both increases inflammation and thereby affect brain functioning.  Any overgrowth of harmful flora in the intestine due to pathogens also lead to brain fog. 

  3. Heavy Metals – Heavy metal toxicity from cadmium, arsenic and mercury can directly affect brain functioning. The toxicity has been shown to affect the brain development in children as well. Smoking severely affect the brain functioning due to higher level of cadmium in tobacco products 

  4. Sleep – Sleep deprivation, disturbed wake/sleep cycle or apnea affects the optimal functioning of brain due to high cortisol levels and inflammation because of less oxygen supply to brain  

  5. Food – One of the biggest factor which can affect brain functioning due to food sensitivities. Food sensitivities increase body antibody response and inflammatory protein and cytokines which crosses blood brain barrier and affect brain negatively. 

  6. Blood Sugar dysregulation: Consistent and abrupt changes in blood sugar levels affect brain performance as in case of Hypoglycemia or Insulin Resistance by way of inflammation 

  7. Obesity: Obesity increases pro inflammatory proteins and thereby affect brain functioning

  8. Alcohol: Alcohol is known as neurotoxic when taken in excess or daily basis. It increases free radical production which is the cause of oxidative stress and inflammation 

As from all the reason we can see that major reason for Brian Fog is Inflammation cause by various reasons like sleep, obesity, smoke, alcohol, stress or food sensitivities. So better try focusing on each one of them if we can reduce the oxidative stress or inflammation by removing all the possible cause for them, the Brain For will automatically get resolved.

Find out all the possible causes what is causing you Brain Fog, it can be any of these or combined together. Remove all the possible sources of Inflammation.

In simpler terms:

  • Expose to Sun to keep your circadian rhythm in check

  • Remove any pathogens from GUT

  • Eat healthy fats and restore healthy flora in the GUT

  • Exercise, reduce weight and improve insulin sensitivity

  • Eat meals on time and avoid trans fats

  • Work on Food sensitivities by testing and doing elimination diet 

  • Reduce exposure to tobacco and alcohol 

  • Increase oxygen intake 

If you sort all these and then you take nootropics to improve your brain functioning it will work more efficiently but taking it without resolving the possible causes the results will not be permanent.


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