10 Sleep Biohacks

1. SUNLIGHT: Exposing yourself to sunlight early in the morning (before 9am) set your biological clock to release melatonin in the evening at appropriate time

2. FOOD TIMING: Eating good amount of protein along with healthy fat source like 1 tbsf of almond/peanut butter or 1 tbsf of extra virgin coconut oil makes you got to sleep faster and stay asleep overnight by preventing hypoglycaemia

3. ROOM TEMPERATURE: Experiment with room temperature from 19-22 degrees which works best for you. For me its 20 degree

4. ROOM LIGHT: Switch of all lights, even that stand by LED on your TV or phone charger. Unplug all the electrical appliances in your room, tape the LED’s on your AC’s or chargers

5. SHOWER: Taking a Cold shower one hour before bed helps you sleep better

6. CAFFEINE: Avoid any kind of caffeinated tea or coffee if you are caffeine intolerant after 5pm.

7. EXERCISE: Exercising early in morning helps you sleep better and some experiments showed that unilateral movements induce better sleep

8. HERBAL TEAS: Chamomile & ginseng teas have sedative effect but make sure you drink one cup around 7pm and then again at bedtime

9. SUPPLEMENTS: Taurine, magnesium and inositol helps to increase GABA in brain, has anxiolytic effects and relive stress thereby inducing a rest sleep. 1-2 g taurine/day, 400-600mg magnesium/day and inositol 2.5-10g at bedtime promotes a restful sleep

10. ACTIVITY: Abstain from watching TV one hour prior to bed, limit exposure to white light after after 8pm. Stop working on iPad or computers 1 hour prior to bed .


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