10 FatLoss Nutritional Hacks for Women

  1. Add Resistant Starch & fibre 

  2. Remove Milk, Sugar and Wheat 

  3. Flaxseeds and Brazil nuts  

  4. Probiotics & Digestive support  

  5. Treat Candida overgrowth 

  6. Moderate protein intake 

  7. Avoid Stimulants like Caffeine  

  8. Cruciferous vegetables 

  9. Treat Hyper Insulinemia  

  10. Support Liver 

  • Resistant starch is modified starch after the foods has been refrigerated like rice and potatoes for minimum 8 hours. Unripe bananas are also excellent source of resistant starch. It helps to feed the healthy flora in your intestine plus controls your cravings 

  • Removing milk and milk based products, all sugar products and wheat products has been shown to lower inflammation and optimise health and aids weight loss because  most of these products are highly processed for the use. 

  • Flaxseeds act as a demulcent containing fibre and omega 3 fatty acid which helps in relieving constipation and aids in estrogen detoxification. Brazil nuts are good source of selenium, zinc, magnesium and they all help to optimise your thyroid hormones 

  • Probiotics help to normalise the gut flora and vaginal flora for women. Probiotics aids in effective detoxification of oestrogen metabolites combined with fibre. Including Digestive enzymes or acid from ACV will keep the stomach pH acidic needed to restrict growth of pathogenic bacteria coming via food 

  • Candida is one of major reason for females to suffer from weight issues and other health issues. It can restrict proper assimilation of food, nutrient deficiencies and serotonin production affecting mental health in females. Garlic has been shown Anti candida effect plus S. Boulardi in the form of supplement is a healthy yeast which competes with candida and reduce its overgrowth 

  • Moderate protein is needed for optimal SHBG levels because excess of meat consumption & higher protein intake in obese women with hormonal imbalances can cause more damage than good by decreasing SHBG and increasing free estrogens which is not a good thing if there is not enough progesterone to balance it

  • Most of women love caffeine because it gave them energy boost. Caffein acts by increasing cortisol hormone which if produced in excess can impede fat loss. Cortisol is required at certain times during the day in cycle but if it is produced though out the day you end up gaining more fat. 

  • Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, arugula and cabbage contain sulforaphane (a kind of sulphur) which helps to detoxify estrogen metabolites by the liver and has shown to be anti cancer (cancers caused by excess estrogens). Cook these if you have thyroid disorders and limit it to two portions per day 

  • Hyper Insulinemia is a condition cause by excess insulin production in response to high sugar pr highly processed carbs. Limiting the carb intake and limiting 3 meals per day with a very little snack if required is easiest way to tackle it. Intermittent fasting is also a good. The more insulin you release more chances of fat deposition as its an anabolic hormone 

  • Liver support is essential for fat loss as fat is metabolised in liver. The liver has two detoxification pathways which required different nutrients like B vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids to carry out detoxification processes and fat burning efficiently. Consider taking dandelion tea, silymarin or Liv 52 tabs to detox liver. Sometimes detoxifying the liver at first hand boosts metabolism and digestion


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