Estrogen Dominance: Part 3 (Resolution)

Ways to Resolve Estrogen Dominance

  • Physical Activity: Weight training helps you increase muscle mass, keep body fat percentage in check and helps to increase insulin sensitivity. Participate in yoga, aerial yoga, meditation or massage often to lower stress levels 

  • Lifestyle: Reduce exposure to endocrine disruptors like choosing organically grown food in order to avoid glyphosate, pesticides or chemicals. Choose paraben free cosmetics you can find the resources about all kind of products whether food or cosmetic at 

  • Mental: Get rid of any emotional baggage stress. Acupuncture and NLP also helps to resolve any kind of emotional or mental stress 

  • Optimise GUT: If you have any digestive issues like gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, irregular bowel habits or recurrent fungal or vaginal infections take help of a functional medicine practitioner and try to resolve it. Taking a good probiotic can be good choice for most people. Have more probiotic rich drinks an foods like kombucha, kefir, khimchi or a supplement. Optimal HCL levels are crucial of digestion of protein especially for which a supplement or ACV work well

  • Nutrition: Eat more of Slow digesting carbs like red, brown or basmati rice. Have minimum 30 g of fibre per day including soluble and  insoluble. Lentils, beans, flaxseeds and psyllium. Add 20-30 g of resistant starch to your diet like unripe bananas, rice & potatoes cooked one day prior to use and kept in fridge overnight. Eat variety of colours and include more of cruciferous vegetables like cabbage & broccoli. Get more protein from plant sources like Pea protein, beans, nuts and keep meat to minimum and that too free range or grass-fed types. Avoid Dairy products . Do Intermittent fasting. Detox whenever possible under guidance of qualified expert 

  • Supplements: 

  • Calcium D glucarate, DIM & psyllium for detoxification

  • Magnesium, holy basil and ashwagandha to optimise cortisol levels 

  • B vitamins, protein, silymarin and dandelion for supporting detoxification pathways 

  • Chromium, lipoic acid, berberine and fenugreek for insulin resistance 

  • Probiotic, HCL, garlic and ACV for gut optimisation 

Regarding supplements get professional help. These are general guidelines and as mentioned before we need to find PTSD about any hormonal issue. 


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