Why do women have Higher Enduring Capabilities?

Why women are capable of doing several lower body exercises with higher reps in one given workout and still able to recover faster than men? 

Women have higher number of Type1 fibres in comparison to men. The type 1 fibres are also known as slow twitch fibres and contains high number of mitochondria & rich blood supply.  It  helps them to recover much faster from workout and exercises with minimum rest in between. 

  • They should include different variation of lower body exercise with moderate to light weights and moderate to higher rep range in a triset or giant set format.

  • For Upper body they should include strength exercises and focus more on building muscle mass and strength. So moderate to heavy weights with moderate to lower reps will be a good choice.

  • Women should avoid Bodybuilder type (body part) of training if the main goal is fat loss and increasing over all muscle mass by choosing more compound lifts life presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, rows etc  

  •  Women respond best to giant sets, Trisets and supersets. They have lesser force generation capabilities but great Enduring capabilities. 


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