Faulty Genes: Are we Slave to our Genes?


Do Faulty Genes Always Express Negatively And Are We Slave To Them?

Faulty Genes express negatively when we give them a chance by providing all the necessary conditions. Suppose you have high LPA (lipoprotein) which is a genetic marker  for Heart disease, so is that mean you are going to die early of Heart Attack? What will you do to prevent it or at least delay it to the old age?

How to approach this?

The other physiological risk marker for heart disease are HsCRP, Homocysteine, LDL (particle number & size), Apolipoprotein B, Ferritin status and other few. So If you can keep all these parameters in check by using nutritional, supplemental and lifestyle strategies you can delay or mitigate the expression of these Faulty Genes. Food and environment has potential effect on Gene expression. The environmental toxins, underlying chronic infections, oxidative stress (imbalance between production and clearance of free radical), poor food choices and inactive lifestyle, with more exposure to radiation and pollutants give the Faulty Genes to express them more strongly and prematurely. Few decades ago the Heart diseases was considered as disease of old age (people above 70-75 years of age) but you can see people dying of heart disease at the age of 40, 50’s or even some at more younger age.

So Faulty Genes are not the only reason for us to suffer rather the result is combination of the other Factors mentioned above which are controllable and hence the Genetic Expression.  


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