Tempo: An Often Neglected Strength Training Parameter


Tempo (4010 here) is the speed of performing one rep.

It is represented by four Numbers..like 4010, 24X1, 2011 (total time needed to complete one rep) First number (4) implies to the number of seconds required during eccentric range like lowering the weight to chest in bench press or lowering the weight in biceps curls Second number (0)represents the no of seconds to maintain fully stretched position Third number (1)represents the no. of seconds required to lift the weight (concentric range) like pushing the weight away from chest in bench press or curling the weight up in biceps curl Fourth number (0) represents the no. of seconds to hold the position in fully contracted position as the top position in bench press and in biceps curl

Tempo works very well in hypertrophy workouts as increases time under tension of muscles involved which is crucial for the same purpose plus it can be used to increase intensity without increasing weight and prevents you from injuries by slowing down the movement. There are different types of Tempos used depending upon the objective of training, muscle groups involved and type of exercises


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