Myths and Facts About Protein Powders: Part 4

In this part I will discuss about the following:

  1. Choosing the right protein powder as per your goal and requirement

  2. Who should avoid protein powders? 

  3. Which is best time and the quantity?  

Choosing Right kind of Protein:  

  • Do you feel bloated , gas or immediately have to rush to loo after taking protein powder then consider changing the protein to lactose free whey isolate first but if the symptoms still persistent replace it to some kind of Vegan protein like pea, hemp or rice protein

  • Are you considering protein powder for fat loss then whey protein especially isolate has been shown to reduce body fat level in certain studies like this Click here . Keep that in mind adding protein to a bad diet can do the opposite. First work on diet and then use protein as a tool for meeting your protein demands if you working out in gym or doing cardio to prevent loss of muscle mass and support immunity.

  • Do you have any kind of food sensitivities, skin issues or digestive issues then it is better to choose dairy free protein powders

  • Do you want to increase muscle mass and strength and not suffering from any of the issues mentioned above then whey protein is a good choice

Who should avoid Protein Powders and Precautions?

  • People having high uric acid, suffering from gout should avoid protein powders

  • People having high creatinine levels and other kidney disorders should avoid protein powders

  • People with lactose intolerance should avoid whey concentrate and casein proteins

  • People with digestive disorders should avoid protein powders especially dairy one

  • Males or females suffering from Acne vulgarisms should avoid dairy protein such as whey

  • People suffering from diabetes or hyper Insulinemia should avoid protein as protein powders are highly Insulinogenic (means they release burst of insulin in the system)

  • People on Antibiotics should avoid whey protein as they can decrease the absorption of the medicine

  • People taking Levodopa drug should avoid whey protein because it can decrease the absorption of the medicine

  • Avoid High calcium containing protein powders if you are suffering from kidney stones

  • Check if you are taking calcium supplements along with protein powders as most of them are very high in calcium

  • Females specially suffering from PCOS or PCOD should avoid high protein diet as it will decrease the SHBG, a kind of protein which bound estrogens. If there is low SHBG, the free estrogen levels increases and poses other health risks. Its best to avoid protein shakes or keep it to minimum quantity only just to post workout 

Best time to Take Protein and the Quantity

  • Best time to take protein powder is either during workout like Peptopro and after workout to aid recovery and prevent muscle loss

  • Note that People desiring fat loss should avoid protein powders during the day except post workout as its high Insulinogenic and high insulin levels can shut down fat burning except post workout when insulin release is necessary for anabolic effect

  • Protein Powder intake should not exceed more than 20-25% of total protein intake for an individual. Body building websites, magazines and body builders tell you to take 2-4 scoops per day because they are endorsing those products product and want you to consume more and that’s how your box will finish early and you will buy it again which means more sale. And they take it considering their body weight and no pro bodybuilder is less than 100 kgs and usually are below 10% body fat and they can handle high insulin because they are highly insulin sensitive which normal people are not specially the obese or people above 15% Body fat.

  • Vegan should consider taking some kind of protein powder just to meet their minimum daily protein requirement, For a normal human being the protein requirement is usually 0.7-0.8 g per kg of bodyweight for optimal body functions. You can cover this amount of protein by eating more legumes, lentils, beans, nuts and seeds easily or can add 10-15 g of high quality protein powder if you short of natural protein foods

My Advise: Use Protein powders judiciously and to the minimum. First focus of diet, try to get as much protein as possible from natural sources whether veg or non veg. Strength athletes & body builders have higher protein demands than the normal average person. High protein diets if not balanced with alkaline foods poses various health issues in later years of life. Don’t use protein powders for sole purpose of Fat Loss. It is better to work with a Qualified Practitioner rather than wasting money on finding a quick fix solution for Fat loss though Protein powders.

Save your Money and Save your Health. 


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