Reasons & Natural Remedies for Adult Acne

Adult acne is a big concern for young women and men now a days. This is more of westernised problem where we are exposed regularly to pollutants, toxins and diet high in sugar and simple carbs in comparison to people living in remote areas or people living in villages. acne


  1. Women who are insulin resistance, high IGF-1 levels and high DHEA levels such as in PCOS have been found to have higher testosterone levels. Higher testosterone levels is one of the cause for Acne

  2. Lack of vitamin D, lack of sleep, high IGF-1 levels and zinc deficiency can be a cause for Acne

  3. Increased Sebum production in the skin block the pore and give the chance for bacteria like P.acnes to thrive on skin causing acne

  4.  Diet high in saturated fats, sugar and simple carbs can lead to imbalanced flora in gut which can induce inflammatory pathways promoting growth of unhealthy bacteria on the skin. This kind of diet is reason for insulin resistance and higher testosterone levels as well as mentioned in above points can lead to acne

  5. Excess consumption of Milk or dairy products can worsen the acne

  6. Gluten also can lead to acne

Natural Remedies for Acne 

  • High alkaline plant based diet with moderate plant based protein sources, omega 3 and complex carbs which is low in sugar, gluten, starches and saturated fats

  • Fish oil at the doses of 1-2 g EPA DHA is effective against acne

  • Zinc when applied topically or taken orally has been found effective against acne

  • Home made face mask containing organic turmeric, coconut oil and honey reduces the severity of acne as they all act as antibacterial agent

  • Essential oils like Tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil when applied topically by mixing in some carrier oil act as anti bacterials

  • Vitamin A and D therapy has been found to be very effective against acne

  • Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid when applied topically helps reduce the severity of acne and helps reduce the lesions and marks

  • Few probiotic strains like L.acidophillus, L.bulgaricus and Bifidobacterium bifido reduces the severity of acne

Please note that repeated used to oral antibiotics can help you suppress acne acutely without even paying attention to what actually is causing it. The repeated use of Antibiotics will be detrimental to your health over long run creating imbalance in gut flora (antibiotics kill healthy bacteria along with harmful bacteria). If your doctor prescribe any antibiotics for severe acne do not forgot to take probiotics afterwards to restore the gut flora.


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