Food Combinations and Timing for optimal digestion 

People often get confused about what food to combine and when to eat certain foods. It’s true that some food when combined either have synergestic effect or can do affect our health negatively in long run producing more gas, bloating, negatively impacting blood and tissue pH balance. Two factors to be considered when planning a balanced diet and for effective digestion are:

1) Acid alkaline Balance 

2) ‎Food combination 


Acid alkaline Balance; 

Our body tissue and blood are slightly more towards alkaline nature so we need to eat more alkaline foods to maintain that pH. pH stands for pressure of hydrogen; presence of hydrogen ions affect the acid alkaline base. The way the food break down is not as same as their pH. Every food has its own degree of acidity measures as pH. The pH of food is not what we are seeking for rather the food when broken down in body generates an alkaline ash or residual are known as alkaline foods while opposite of them are known as acidic foods. 

Eg lemon juice in itself has highly acidic pH (1.9) but when metabolised in body have totally opposite effect i.e. alkaline.  Foods like meats, nuts, refined flour,  milk products and sugar  products have more acidic effect while fruits, veggies, legumes  almonds, millet, sprouted seeds have more alkaline effect. 

Considering this our diet should contain about 70% of alkaline foods  


Food Combination: 

The best ideas for food Combination came from ancient ayurvedic texts from India where few food combinations are labelled as deadly while few instructions about combining certain food have positive impact. Like Fruits always have to be earned either empty stomach or in between meals for cleansing point of view or avoid over fermentation of sugars present in fruits when eaten with regular food producing more gas and bloating. 

You should avoid mixing protein with starches as meats need more acidic environment for effective digestion while starches need more alkaline environment. 

Meats can best be eaten with non starchy vegetables or alone with fats which usually aids in digestion. All protein in nature occur with fats like egg, cheese or meats. 


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