Phytonutrients in Foods 

Colours of Food; My lunch box inculde one box of the plants,  vegatbles and fruits  which have extreme colours. The colours in plants arre beacuse of chemicals knowns as Phytonutrients (PN). PN are nutrients present in all plants to protect them from various toxins, pollutants, pests and UV radiation which can damage their cell wall, Proteins & DNA. PN occur in form of caretenoids, resveratrol & phytosterols in various fruits, vegetables & teas. PN has myriad of health benefits

👉Decrease inflammation 👉Cell and DNA protection 👉Reduces risk of Cardio vascular diseases 👉Vision improvement

Foods high in PN include tomatoes (lycopene), kale, broccoli,beets,bell peppers, pomegranate,berries, carrots, flaxseed, amla, dates, Earl grey tea, black tea,coffee, Cocoa, aloe vera, ginseng, clove, ginseng 

Note: Supplements are not the best way to consume PN rather using whole foods mentioned above can be best to reap the benefits. 

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