We are exposing our children to an over sterilised world. We are using anti-bacterial in soaps, shaving products, wipes, hand sanitisers and yes the Antibiotics, which are grossly overused.

The Dirt has become a bad word for us.

Our diet, too, is probably getting devoid of the natural bacteria that make us healthy, as most of what is consumed is highly processed, refined and pasteurized. This over-zealous avoidance of bacteria and viruses comes at a steep price – the rise of numerous diseases or allergies to food!


We humans are not meant to live in an isolated world, free of bacteria and viruses. We are designed to spend time outside, play in the dirt, be active, and develop lasting immunity against potentially infectious agents.

The human gut flora is developed within the first 20 days or after birth through breast feeding and during the child’s passage through the birth canal. The kind of microbes or flora the mother carries in her GI tract is then transferred to the baby via milk, which plays a crucial role in the development of robust immune system that gives protection against various microbes or infections throughout life.

So if the mother is deficient in beneficial bacteria, then this deficiency gets transferred to the baby and sets stage for many problems.

The increasing incidence of C section delivery means a potential loss of micro biota from one generation to the other. Babies who develop abnormal gut flora are left with compromised immune systems, and then they are typically vaccinated, which can be a factor for future problems. Vaccinations were originally developed for children with perfectly healthy immune systems. The end result is increasing number of children with autism, digestive problems, learning disabilities, and neurological, psychiatric, immune and autoimmune disorders – all because of the lack of exposure to proper bacteria in early life.

Steps to build your child’s immunity for natural resistance against diseases are:

1. Allow your kids to play outside and get dirty
2. Allow your children to move without slippers at home
3. Don’t over use sanitary swipes, tissues, antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers.  Regular soap and water is fine.
4. Improve the gut flora of female of child bearing age with regular use of fermented foods like kefir, lassi, yogurt and fermented vegetables or supplemental probiotics
5. Educating mothers-to-be about their dietary impact on the new born baby’s health
6. Avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics

Children playing in mud

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