There are two kind of fat deposits which cover the belly.

1. Visceral fat
*fat surrounding the organs in abdomenSubcutaneous-versus-Visceral-Fat-192x300
*Its like beer belly
*difficult to reduce
*responsible for health issues like diabetes,                                                            heart disease and other inflammatory diseases
2. Subcutaneous fat
*fat under the skin which you can grab with fingers or pinch
*easy to reduce
*don’t have much health implications

Ideal fat percentage
Man: 10-12% Woman: 15-17%

Reasons for increased abdominal fat
* Processed foods
* Excessive Sugar and refined carbs
* Excess unhealthy fats
* No exercise
* Lack of sleep
* Stress
* Alcohol
3 Elements for 6 pack abs
* Nutrition 
* Activity
* Lifestyle


  • Cut down Sugar and processed foods
  • Stop alcohol (limit to red wine, not more than 2 glasses )
  • Increase protein intake (2g/kg body weight)
  • Increase fibre intake slowly (20-30 g per day), soluble and insoluble
  • Add heathy fats from nuts, seeds, fish oilD and extra virgin oils (1g/kg of body weight)
  • Eat breakfast within an hour after waking 


  • Move frequently like walking, star climbing and playing (10,000 steps/day)
  • Add High intensity interval cardio for 5-10 mins twice per week
  • Lift weights 3-4 times a week; compounds movements or full body workouts and increase resistance 
  • Add cardio to routine gradually starting with 2 times per week after weight session
  • Train abs twice a week only (2-3 exercises at one time)
  • Most important don’t overdo cardio otherwise you will lose muscle mass and lower your metabolic rate


  • Wake up before sunrise (help you sleep better at night and early)
  • Expose your self to sunlight during day (relaxes you in evening because of timing release of melatonin in evening)
  • Exercise in early morning hour (keeps you energetic through out the day)
  • Sleep for minimum of 7-8 hours per day (optimises anabolic hormone production)
  • Eat at least 2 hours prior to bed time and 4 hours prior at least once every week (increases growth hormone) 
  • Do Pranayam in morning when you wake up, increase oxygenation and help you distress  
  • Stretching at bed time help you sleep faster and better 

Closeup of a fit woman's abs isolated on a white background


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