1. Eliminate: Eliminate processed foods, sugar products, dairy, gluten and artificial sweeteners and caffeine
  2. Vitamin C: Its very important vitamin for collagen formation; which keep the skin intact and hydrated. Try having at least 500 mg of vitamin C per day from different sources like guava (180 mg), kiwi (116 mg) and orange (70 mg)
  3. Beets: Beets are high in iron and acts as natural colon cleanse. It boosts bile production and lymphatic drainage to eliminate toxins from the body. It also increases NO (nitric oxide) production which causes vasodilation and hence increases blood flow to skin.
  4. Cilantro (dhania): It helps in detoxification of certain metals and has cleansing property.
  5. Chlorella: It is an algae rich in nutrients and has strong detoxifying and cleansing  properties. It binds many toxins and heavy metals and then helps in excretion of those through intestine.
  6. Omega 3 fatty acids: Fatty acids are needed for proper maintenance of cell membrane which include skin as well. Rich sources are fish, walnuts and almonds
  7. Vitamin E: It acts as an antioxidant and prevent the skin from environmental damage, sun exposure and maintain cell integrity. The best source of vitamin E is sunflower seeds or sunflower seed butter.
  8. Alkalise: Alkalisation means improving your urine and saliva pH by adding more alkaline base foods and removing acid base foods. Adding  more leafy vegetables like cabbage or mustard greens , green or herbal teas, lemon juice and fruits promote alkalisation.
  9. Sesame seed: They are rich in vitamin E and fatty acids which promote skin vitality and integrity. Add 1-2 tsf every day.
  10. Dulse – It is a sea vegetable rich in sodium and potassium. It helps in reducing bloating and puffiness by improving kidney functioning. You can use dulse flakes instead of salt.
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