1. BREAKFAST: Eating breakfast high in protein (eggs or chicken) and healthy fats (nuts, seeds or coconut oil) within an hour of waking boosts right kind of neurotransmitters in brain and increase metabolic rate.

2. CINNAMON AND LEMON: Adding Cinnamon and lemon to your meals lower glycemic index of food by almost 30% and improve insulin sensitivity which is the key how well body can metabolise or stabilise blood sugar levels.

3. FENUGREEK: It helps to curb the cravings for sweets as well lower appetite, boost metabolism and control blood sugar levels effectively. You can soak seeds overnight then drink the water and chew 1-2 tsf of seeds or make a tea out of it.

4. COLD TEMPERATURE: Taking cold showers twice a day and drinking ice cold water twice a day boost your metabolic rate by 10%

5. EXERCISE: If you are not able to go to gym, then doing a small 5-10 mins of workout just before your meals has shown to increase GLUT 4 receptors in the muscles responsible for better fuel utilisation by cells. Include as simple as walking at spot, sprinting on the spots, squats on chair, jumping jack, pushups or stair climbing . You can use one or combine them as you like.

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