What you can do to prevent Breast cancers?

Few things you can do to prevent breast cancer:
1) Eat Real food: Avoid processed foods, refined flour and sugar, eat organic as much as possible, choose organic meats and poultry, good quality fats from seeds, nuts and oils. Add sulphur rich foods like broccoli, onions and garlic to your diet
2) Plenty of Vit A and Iodine: Carrots, leafy vegetables, organic eggs, butter and organic milk are rich source of vitamin A. Kelp and sea plants, shell fish are rich source of iodine.
3) Optimising Gut: Adding fermented foods and probiotics will help to optimise gut functions. As the gut floras helps in indigenous production of important vitamins as well as help to reduce the inflammatory markers and boost immunity
4) Avoid Xenoestrogens: There are hundreds of chemicals around has when ingested or topically applied in the form of lotions, creams or personal care products mimics the functions of estrogen in body leading to increased chances of breast cancers in women
5) Charred meats: charcoal or flame broiled meats produce a carcinogen known as acrylamide(also formed when starchy foods are baked or roasted)
6) Curcumin: The most researched compound so far regarding prevention and treatment of various cancers. Curcumin is found in yellow herb called turmeric used for thousand of years in asia particularly in India. Curcumin is found to be lipophilic (means easily soluble in fats and lipids) so best to be used with some fat.
In ayurveda it has been advised to take curcumin dissolved in milk (actually not with pasteurised or toned milk rather in organic full fat milk) or it should be boiled in water for 5-10 mins before drinking that water (though bioavailability only increased to 10-20% while in milk its bioavailability it is 80-90%)
7) Avoid Alcohol
8) Stabilise blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity: Exercise, high fibre plant based diet, low grain diet improve the insulin sensitivity
9) Avoid wearing underwire bras
10) Avoid Electromagnetic radiation exposure by keeping your phone away from your body as much as possible or using EMF shield for phones. Switch off your phones, wifi and other electrical appliances in your bedroom while sleeping
Cosmetics and personal body care products are major source of xenoestrogens in body which this pic depicts very clearly.

Harmful Cosmetics

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