What Body type you are?

The 3 Body types; their Training and Dietary Consideration

We generally divide all the people generally and broadly into three categories called ectomorph, mesomorph and endomorph. Every one has a distinct personality and few can be mix of any of these. Training parameters and dietary components can change are different for all the three categories.

Ectomorphs are usually skinny with long limbs and have difficulty in gaining muscle mass and weight. They are insulin sensitive and are thyroid dominant with higher than normal metabolic rate and can tolerate carbs very well . They are having high sympathetic nervous activity means can endure high intensity training easily. Too much volume of training or more frequent workouts can impede their athletic or fitness goals. They require high calorie diet with high carbs, moderate protein and fats. They need moderate to high intensity training with longer rest periods with more frequent off days.
Supplements: Carbs pre/post, creatine, Beta alanine, BCAA, fish oil, meal replacements bar/shake

Mesomorphs are usually have athletic and strong build, with average limbs, more muscle mass, longer muscle bellies and can gain from anything. They are testosterone and gH dominant and have muscular body with well defined muscles. They grow while lifting heavy or medium on bodybuilding type of programs with olympic lifting more often because of moderate sympathetic activity. They can recover much faster from workouts. They can survive on moderate to high protein and moderate carb diet without gaining any fat.
Supplements: BCAA, whey, creatine, beta alanine, glutamine

Endomorphs are insulin dominant with lower insulin sensitivity and higher fat percentages (above 30%) and can be mix of mesomorphs and endomorphs physically. They cant gain muscle mass without gaining fat so can do well on high protein and low carbs diet. They need higher rep training with less intermittent rest to burn more fat. They can train more frequently, lift light to moderate heavy weights with full body workouts more often.
Supplements: Magnesium, Chromium, fish oil, green tea extract, whey protein, taurine, greens, BCAA , functional foods/barsWorkout-3-Body-Types

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