A New Approach to treating Diseases and achieving Optimal health and Performance

The current medical is based on thought of ‘either/or’ module.
Either your liver is functioning properly or you have liver disease, either your thyroid is functioning properly or you have thyroid disease. Its based upon what’s not working rather than on what is working. The physicians interfere when you are suffering from any disease in their context. They work only to suppress or treat the symptoms rather than focusing on the root cause of problem. There is a wide gap between being disease free to being diseased. And most of people do exist in this gap and this is known a dysfunction or dysregulation. Its almost possible to intervene before you get disease and can contribute to lasting health and longevity. Our body gives us lot of symptoms before the organs or systems are about to fail.
Our body has 7 biological systems and its only when there is clinical imbalances in these 7 systems, disease takes shape. The 7 systems are:
1. Assimilation (Digestion, absorption, Gut microbes)
2. Defence and repair (Immune, inflammation, infection)
3. Energy (energy and mitochondrial function)
4. Biotransformation & elimination (toxicity, detoxification)
5. Communication (endocrine & neurotransmitters)
6. Structural integrity (cellular membranes & musculoskeletal system)
7. Transport (cardiovascular & lymphatic system)
The whole disease process happens in a continuum, like
> Underlying causes….toxins, pathogens, nutrition, microbes, stress, allergens
> Gene expression…all the above factors then interact with our genes and express varying abnormalities depending upon our genetic variability
> System Imbalances…leading to disease.

Conclusion: We can prevent or cure a disease by treating the underlying causes like removing the toxins, pathogens or allergens, correcting nutritional imbalances or insufficiencies , balancing intestinal microbes, reducing stress and improving detoxification pathways.


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