Effective and Strategic Detoxification:

A regularly hear about detox diet or detox protocol offered by numerous Diet clinics, Ayurvedic clinics/centres, Wellness centres, Nutritionist in India and of course by our best friend called Internet. I see even my friends or their friends doing water detox, fruit juice detox, vegetable juice detox, soup detox for 1 day to a week without even understanding the proper detoxification pathways. That kind of detox actually do more harm than good to them.
For a proper detox you need to understand that how our detoxification system works, what organs are involved and what need to be removed.
We are constantly exposed to toxins every day through;
1. Food in the form of pesticides and herbicides
2. Water in the form of bromides, chlorine and fluorides
3. Creams, lotions, perfumes and other cosmetics
4. Plastics bottles and polybags
5. Meats in the form of antibiotics, hormones
6. Radiation through microwaves and cellphones
7. Environment pollution like diesel and petrol fumes
8. Tooth filling
Our body has intricate system to detoxify every kind of toxins in a very efficient manner. Liver is main detoxifying organ along with intestine also playing as an end organ to excrete the toxins out of body by way of stool. Skin also helps to excrete few heavy metals from body by the way of sweating. Lungs also helps to excretion of few volatile chemicals.
Detoxification is about stopping the exposure to toxins as much as possible and then providing the body, particularly liver the required nutrients and support to aid detoxification. For that you need to understand how liver detoxification pathways work. 
Imbalanced detoxification can be harmful and can have serious short term and long term effects on body.

We will cover the topic of detoxifying effectively in next post.

imbalanced detox

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