Emerging Autoimmune Disorders

Are you suffering from Autoimmune disorders? Autoimmune disorders can affect any organ in body and can lead to various disorders as depicted in the figure below. Psoriasis is one of the autoimmune disorder affecting the skin.
Psoriasis: its a skin disorder characterised by reddened skin with sharp border and silvery scaly plaques on the skin. Its commonly appears on at back of elbows, on knees, buttocks and scalp. Its known as an autoimmune disorder (means abnormal immune response against substances and tissues normally present in body).
There is no perfect treatment or cure for this disorder in current medical system and limited to only application of topical application of steroidal cream to arrest the growth of growing skin/scales and anti inflammatory medicines. But Functional medicine has a different approach towards this disease and I personally have successfully treated psoriasis patients with correct nutrition by removing pro inflammatory foods as most of patient suffering from this order are found to have some kind of digestive issues or yeast infection and/or allergic/ hypersensitive to some kind of foods. A thorough investigation is needed. It usually works in following manner:
1. Removing any pathogen, parasite or yeast from the body with anti fungals or anti bacterials and removing any offending or allergic foods/pro inflammatory foods
2. Repairing and Restoring Digestive functions with enzymes, HCL, glutamine, aloe vera and zinc carnosine
3. Reviving the immune system with the help of probiotics, Vit D, Selenium, zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids, Vit C.

Autoimmune Disorders Affects All Parts of the Body

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