High Incidence of tooth cavities in growing Children

After 30 years and 40,000 blood tests, Dr. Page discovered the biochemical cause of tooth decay and gum disease is due to disturbance in the ratio of calcium to phosphorus in the blood with normal blood sugar levels of about 75-85 mg per cc of blood creates immunity to tooth decay. When there are blood sugar spikes, minerals like calcium are pulled from our bones. When the amounts of calcium or phosphorus in the blood deviate from these levels, or if they are not in the exact proportion of 2.5 parts calcium to one part phosphorus, minerals are withdrawn from the tooth or other tissues, resulting in tooth decay or gum disease or both.
We used to have eggs from very young age of 3-4 and then having raw eggs mixed in pure milk and cod liver oil. All three being rich source of Vit A, D, calcium and phosphorus and we were never exposed to junk foods which now a days kids are and eating more processed foods with zero nutritious value and usually hate veggies making their body pH more acidic.
Having acidic pH along with consumption of sugar products precious minerals important for growth and maintenance of structural proteins.
Eating raw onion also helps to prevent tooth decay due to high sulphur content and potent antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties by killing a a bacteria known as Streptococcus mutants responsible for tooth decay.
I have been personally been fed with all the things mentioned above and this is the reason I am cavity free till date and seen others as well following the same.
Conclusion: Avoid high sugar or sugar laden products consumption and optimal levels of Vit A & D with moderate consumption of Omega 3 (cod liver oil) and raw onions can prevent and even reverse tooth decay.


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