HsCRP (Highly Sensitive Creative Reactive Protein); a predictor of Inflammation

CRP is considered to be a strong marker of inflammation and is a predictor of cardio vascular disease and other chronic inflammation present in the body. It must be kept under safe range (less than 1). Though Crp can be increased by other inflammatory conditions like sinusitis, colitis, periodontal disease etc also.
Many of disease are now known as the inflammatory diseases and should not be treated symptomatically but the aim of treatment should be more towards finding the causes of inflammation, stopping the events or triggers leading to inflammation and then providing the body with right kind of diet and nutrients to heal the body and suppress inflammation.

Many studies shows inverse relationship between the amount of Omega-3 we consume and levels of HS-CRP (highly sensitive creative reactive protein).

Few nutrients are useful to keep Hs-Crp level in check like: Fish oil, Green tea, Alpha lipoic acid, Biotin Vit.C, Magnesium, Fiber and most important is regular exercise.


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