Candidiasis: An unknown cause for many Chronic Diseases


Candida is a yeast existing on our skin, digestive system and vagina of female. The growth of yeast is kept under control by microflora of our intestine but using antibiotics, taking birth control pills, and eating a lot of sugar and grains – all of these things disrupt the balance of bacteria in your gut, which allows Candida cells to rapidly develop and overpowering the good bacteria. This condition is known as Candida overgrowth, and can lead to chronic health issues like;
1) Vaginitis
2) Irritable bowel syndrome
3) Migraines
4) Weight gain
5) Joint pains
6) Depression/anxiety/poor memory or concentration
7) Fibromyalgia
People usually treat these syndromes or disease with medicines without knowing that it can be due to Candida overgrowth. People suffering from candidiasis usually feel drowsy through out the day and they crave for things that can actually be feed to candida like sugar, breads, pastas and grains. Eating these kind of foods can then lead to insulin resistance as well which in turn can again cause fat accumulation.
If you are suffering from any of above syndromes/disease, do give attention to candida overgrowth which is very much possibility especially in females though its less prevalent in men.

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