Common Roadblocks for Women in Fat loss

fat woman

Common roadblocks to fat loss when it comes to Women….

Females should concentrate more on strength training rather than the cardio which is usually hit among females thinking that they might loose more fat. As they have biologically less muscle mass in comparison to men so they should give serious thought to weight training for increased muscle mass for better glucose utilization and higher BMR.
I have seen 90% of female clients in gyms are told to do 80% of their workout time devoted to some sort of endurance training by their trainers. They are usually seen doing side bends, leg raises and twisting with broom stick. These women are usually already overweight, married, with kids along with high family responsibilities with other stressors as well. Being overweight, stress, one or two kids, loss of sleep plus trainers tell them to stop eating fats,or even reduce their meals and on top of that most being vegetarian. What the hell….their body is always having high levels of cortisol due to stress, vegetarianism means protein and other important vitamins and mineral deficiencies. To add fuel to fire they do training for minimum of one hour and close to two hours.
1) Toxins (through cosmetics, household products and food products) can interfere with metabolism and detoxification
2) Vegetarian (Protein deficiency can cause loss of muscle mass so lower BMR)
3) Overtraining (loss of muscle mass and higher cortisol levels)
4) Low or nil fat (Fat soluble vitamin deficiency, lower cholesterol so lower hormones)
5) High lifestyle stress (higher cortisol levels)
6) Age factor (low DHEA and higher cortisol levels)
7) High fat deposition (insulin resistance and higher SHBG)
Do the opposite: Reduce toxin exposure, Increase protein intake, increase healthy fat intake (specially Omega 3 and GLA), reduce workout time, cut out fancy exercise and do compound lifts to save time and joints, 80% of your workout should be lifting weights, reduce stress, eat intelligently, get some education about eating right, laugh, breathe correctly, met your deficiencies and then you are on right track. Good luck

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