Truth about Hypothyroidism

thyroid functionHave you ever thought why hypothyroidism is becoming so common now a days especially in women (India as well as abroad)? Because women are now more prone to physical and emotional stress (family, relationship and work stress), toxicity (fluoride displaces iodine contained in tap water, use of cosmetic products (parabens and PCB’s), under or overactive liver detoxification pathways (due to deficiency of vitamin and amino acids), poor diet (leading to important mineral or vitamin deficiency like selenium, iron, zinc, iodine and B vit. Chronic stress is one of major factor as higher cortisol levels negatively impact TSH production and T3 levels. Vegetarians and vegans are at greater risk of developing hypothyroidism due to iodine deficiency (salt intake for iodine is not sufficient). Even if your lab values are normal as per physician and you notice few of these symptoms, subclinical hypothyroid is still present;
1) Fatigue
2) Hair loss
3) Weight gain
4) Depression
5) Edema or swelling
6) Dry skin
7) Constipation
8) Muscle or joints pain
either of two to three or most of symptoms are usually present.

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