Digestion: The Core of Health

Are you suffering from any of these symptoms consistently or more often?
1) Gas, bloating immediately or an hour later after meal
2) Belching or acidity
3) Indigestion or bloating after certain kind of foods
4) Extremely sensitive to outside food or to certain kind of foods
5) You don’t feel like having breakfast
6) Always been anaemic with persistent fatigue
7) Have pain in almost every joint
8) Undigested food in stool
9) Have an urge to go to toilet after drinking protein shakes
10) Have skin issues which keeps occurring again and again
11) Have rosacea (extreme reddening of face kin)
12) History of constipation
13) Stools not well formed (loose, sticky or mucus)
14) Bizarre vivid dreams
15) Lower bowel gas or excessive gas pass
16) Crave for breads, noodles, pasta or sweets
17) Suffering from any kind of psychological disorders
18) History of sinus or blocked nose or excessive mucus
19) Airborne allergies or sensitivities
If your answer is yes to any of the above then you need to think that something is going wrong with your digestive system. The core of our health is the digestive system. If anything goes wrong with it then it can affect almost every system in the body. There are natural ways to correct all of the above with the help of functional medicine.

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