Indian Bluebery; Jamun

Here comes the summer and time to have some antioxidant rock fruit as blueberry known as Jamun. It’s only fruit in India with purple colour ( shehtoot as well). 

It is a fairly good source of mineral salts (calcium = 15 mg; potassium = 55 mg; magnesium = 35 mg; phosphorus = 15 mg; sodium = 26.2 mg/100 g fruit) and vitamin C (18 mg/100 g of fruit).

See the optimal ratios between different minerals in this fruit.

Cal:mag 1:2

Cal:phos 1:1

Sod:pot 1:2

These are optimal ratios by which these minerals exist in body. It contains fairly good amount of carotene (48 ug/100 g), folic acid (3 mg/100 g). 

Eating 100 g daily is fairly a good option.   

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