14 days Functional Detox

Are you ready to jumpstart your fat loss, boost metabolism and transform your health in just 14 days? Then you are at right place!

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The Functional Detox is very different from conventional detox programs you find on the internet. The Functional Detox program is scientifically designed. This kind of detox actually supports all detoxification pathways and allows body to excrete the harmful toxins accumulated in body over time. The organs supporting detoxification process are primarily liver and secondarily skin, lungs, kidneys and intestine.

How Functional Detox differs from conventional detox?

Functional detox, in addition to physical approach equally emphasizes on mind-body approach. This can help you relax and get rid of negative and unconscious mental patterns, which often result in pain and discomfort.

Five basics components of Functional detox are:

Exercise: daily activity like yoga or walking in natural surrounding
Sweating: use of steam or sauna
Healthy nutrition: phytonutrient rich organic food and purified water
Self reflection: Mediation or Pranayam
Body work: Acupuncture or massage

Who is the right candidate for Detoxification?
If your answer is a Yes to one or more questions asked below or if you never had a detox in your life time, then you might consider Functional detox.

. Are you unable to lose weight or not able to keep it off?
. Do you often feel worn out, fatigues and brain fogged?
. Are you suffering from aches, joint pains, headaches and allergies for no apparent reason?
. Do you crave for sugar, carbs and other specific foods?
. Do you have GI symptoms like bloating, gas or bowel distress?
. Are you suffering from autoimmune disorder or chronic neurological disease?
. Do you tend to store more fat around waist, hips and legs?

Features of Functional detox:
  • Using clean & organic foods
  • Using phytonutrient dense foods
  • Targeted antioxidant support
  • Not calorie specific
  • Healthy elimination of toxins
  • Balanced hormone metabolism
  • Reduce triggering foods
  • Support liver function
  • No Food deprivation
What will you expect from Functional detox after 14 days?
  • Increased physical and mental energy/focus
  • Reduced cravings
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced bloating, gas or indigestion
  • Reduced weight and fat loss (usually 3-5kg weight loss or 3-5% body fat loss)
  • Rejuvenated skin
  • Reduced allergies and headaches
  • Reduced pain and swelling in joints or body
  • Improved blood sugar levels
What will RH+ provide you in 14 days Functional Detox program?
  1. Nutritional assessment (in person or Skype)
  2. Anthropometric assessment
  3. Detailed step by step guide
  4. Food menu and meal plan for 14 days
  5. Functional food or supplement supply for 14 days
  6. Phone and online support

To get started, call us or email us.

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